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Time For An Upgrade

Publish Date - 31/08/2020

Did you have it built a few years ago and - apart from occasionally updating homepage banners and new vehicle pages

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Break Through the noise with your AD Creative

Publish Date - 28/07/2020

The creative component of an advertisement has traditionally been a key part – if not “the” key part – of ensuring a campaign message achieves cut through in print, TV and radio.

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How do you rate the success of a campaign?

Publish Date - 02/07/2020

As dealerships try to recover from the effects of coronavirus restrictions, data is becoming more crucial than ever, particularly when it comes to marketing.

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Dealer Advertising During Covid-19

Publish Date - 02/06/2020

During the early stages of the Coronavirus crisis, many businesses were rendered powerless and left floundering as customer numbers dwindled and revenue dried up.

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10 Key Features of a High-Performing Website

Publish Date - 02/06/2020

With ninety-six percent of car buyers saying they research a dealership online before entering a showroom, it is blatantly clear that a high performing, quality website is a crucial element of a dealer’s marketing strategy.

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Adapting processes to address drop in showroom traffic

Publish Date - 06/05/2020

During these unprecedented times, it has been amazing to watch humans adapt and grow around the tight restrictions that are in place, finding ways to shift their processes and adjust their offerings to enable businesses to continue running.

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Publish Date - 06/01/2020

As we’ve explored in previous columns, today’s competitive automotive market requires dealers to be running continuous digital advertising campaigns to ensure they reach customers at every stage of the buying journey.

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Publish Date - 02/12/2019

As we’ve explored in our previous columns, the new generation of customer behaves differently to those of the past, preferring to have control over the way they communicate with a new provider.

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